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2023 Conference Programme

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Theatre 1
  1. Undertaking high volume, low complexity elective lists to maximise theatre utilisation whilst increasing quality of patient outcomes and proficiency.
  2. How can the NHS access support to ramp up activity on a growing bottleneck of complex cases? Understanding how traditional clinical insourcing models can be reworked to integrate better with existing ...
  3. See Synopsis
  4. Having studied Automotive Design, Oscar was recruited to Williams F1 Advanced Engineering, a spin-off from The Williams Race team tasked with applying F1 hybrid powertrain technology to other sectors. ...
Theatre 2
Theatre 3
  1. This session will explore the journey to trainee SCP to day 1 qualified SCP. This will include how the new bi-collegiate curriculum framework for Surgical Care Practitioners guides how the surgical pa ...
  2. Making Surgery Safer through AI-powered Surgical Supply Chain -          Complexities in the current surgical supply chain -          How Scalpel is making a difference -          Role of AI in the fu ...
ASiT Innovation Theatre
  1. Adoption of Extended Reality in Surgical Training, The Scientific Evaluation and its Role in Global Health
  2. This talk explores the transformative role of data in modern healthcare, specifically focusing on its positive effects in the operating room (OR). The presentation showcases how data integration optimizes surgical processes, enhances patient safety, and refines outcomes. It will look at what we can learn from data, and how we can grasp data’s role in forging collaborative medical-technical approaches, fostering improved surgical outcomes and OR efficiency.
  3. Speakers
  4. Improved surgical and cancer outcomes come through innovation but the skills required to be a good surgeon are not the same as those needed to be an innovator. This talk will cover the various routes ...
The Surgical Simulation Theatre
Theatre 1
  1. One of the fascinating advances in recent digital health developments has been the rise of virtual surgery. Rebecca Pelling, eHealth Product Manager, explains how digital health solutions can help to ...
Theatre 2
  1. In this session Tara will outline how bringing together new clinical models supported by innovative technology can help save healthcare, and how the future hospital will look very different as a resul ...
Theatre 3
  1. Flora McCabe of Lockon Companies will discuss the legal implications of an increased focus on robotics in surgery. The talk will include consideration of : - where liability sits when things go wrong ...
ASiT Innovation Theatre
  1. ASiT x PLASTA Innovation Hackathon prize winners presentations
  2. In this session I will discuss a very different mindset and approach to innovation away from the NHS entrepreneur programme. I want to highlight the key moments that can make or break a surgeons journ ...
  3. Learn to code with Code Med
  4. This session aims to undertake a live Delphi consensus session, including surgeons of all grades attending the Future Surgery Show. This consensus will form the basis of a pilot study, assessing the f ...
  5. The Feasibility of a Video E-logbook - panel discussion
The Surgical Simulation Theatre
  1. Robotic radical prostatectomy. Live surgery with the Hugo Medtronic system First broadcast of a Hugo case in the UK via the Proximie system.

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