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What our 2021 visitors had to say...

“I had an amazing time at the conference. I was amazed and excited about all this robotic invention. I will definitely attend next year and every year. Well done and keep up the great job” 


“It was great regarding innovative surgery and looking into the future obviously as it is very important. I have learned ways to incorporate AI into the healthcare system which is good as we need to do that. I have learned how to improve the patient outcome as a whole because the pressure is now on surgery post covid that’s why I think it is important to use our resources to the best of our abilities” 


“It has been an amazing experience regarding innovation technology. I think junior trainee surgeons are getting lessons and learning a lot and it is safe. The talks have been productive” 


“Really good experience even for a junior perspective doctor. Coming here looking at all the advances in surgery and the opportunity to share with colleagues and speak with other juniors doctors has been a great experience and it is exciting knowing where the field is heading. I’ve seen loads of new instruments and tools that will take a while to get into our hospitals and discuss with more senior members if it is achievable and possible” 


“It is really fundamental to be at Future Surgery. A lot of the topics being discussed are about the future of surgery, so I think it is important that we are all educated on it. You get great exposure to what is happening and what is changing because things take time. You might see something here, but it will be a few years before it is clinically being used in surgery. When you work in different parts of the country, you get very tunnelled into what your hospital does, but being in a place like this where you’re meeting other surgeons, you see what is going on in the rest of the world, not just the UK, but internationally. It is crucial to see what is going on otherwise you are in your own little box” 


“It has been a great day, really good talks on sustainability in surgery and robotics, so overall, it has just been really engaging. I am applying for surgical training this year, it has helped me gain knowledge on what is happening in surgery, recovering from covid and new innovations in the sector” 


“I did a google search for surgical events in London and Future Surgery came up. Highlights have been the CPD points, good sessions e.g innovations in robotic surgery, looking at the surgical environment and good poster presentations. I will attend next year” 

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