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Deborah Duval

Deborah Duval

Patient Partner
Diagnosed with brittle type one diabetes at age 11 and diabetic nephropathy at 28, Deborah received a simultaneous pancreas and kidney (SPK) transplant in 1994 – one of the earliest SPKs in the UK – after 3 years on peritoneal dialysis. This kidney transplant failed in 1996 and she returned to (in-unit haemo) dialysis. A second kidney transplant took place in 1999 and, nearly 22 years on, this kidney functions well to this day. Her first pancreas failed in 2003 and a second pancreas (after kidney – PAK) was transplanted in 2008 giving her 13 years of near-perfect blood glucose control. Unfortunately, this pancreas failed just recently (October 2020) and she now monitors her diabetes using a FreeStyle Libre while a long-term treatment plan is agreed. Deborah is editor of Kidney Matters with a quarterly readership of 21,000 and leads the Kidney Kitchen project which seeks, in a series of video demonstrations, to demonstrate to kidney patients, their friends and family that food can be fun, colourful and tasty, even when the potassium and protein content have been modified in collaboration with the British Dietetic Association, Renal Nutrition Group (BDA RNG). Celebrity chef, Nathan Outlaw is a frequent participant and keen supporter of the Kidney Kitchen project which has seen over 100,000 visitors to its website since its launch eighteen months ago.

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