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26 Feb 2024

Trailblazer Spotlight: Global Scalpels Podcast

Trailblazer Spotlight: Global Scalpels Podcast

Global Scalpels is a podcast dedicated to the 5 billion people without access to safe and affordable surgery. The hosts explore global surgery heroes in tech, law, war, business, and of course, the OR. As they recently released their 50th Episode, join us in celebrating the podcast’s success and explore exactly why you should give their podcast a listen.

“Throughout the world, 5 billion people lack access to safe and affordable surgical care…

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, lack of access to adequate healthcare has put millions of lives at risk. Learn about the global surgery crisis and the inspirational women and men who are making strides toward creating a world where EVERYONE has access to the surgical care they need.

Join us as we highlight these heroes tackling the field of global surgery.”

The Podcast

Founded in 2020 by Riana Patel and Taylor Ottesen, the 'Global Scalpels' podcast aims to bring together a number of interesting speakers to show the work behind the scenes in global surgery and to highlight the people creating some of the most innovative projects in sectors such as technology, law, advocacy, and research.

The podcast is targeted towards anyone interested in the field of global surgery – surgeons, technology wizards,  businesspeople, and researchers alike. Through it, they aim to highlight that global surgery is a team effort and that engagement with all professionals is essential to provide the 143 million additional surgical procedures required annually. By inviting experts and leaders from across the globe, the podcast aims to bring conference-level discussions to the palm of people's hand.

Meet the Hosts


Riana is an orthopaedic resident with a strong interest in healthcare leadership and management, healthcare technology, and research. She was a previous Academic Foundation Doctor at the University of Oxford and has co-founded the Global Scalpels podcast. She is currently on the national BOTA (British Orthopaedic Trainees Assocation) Committee and the Percivall Pott Committee.


Meanwhile, highlighting the global collaborative effort of the podcast, Taylor is an Orthopedic Surgery Resident at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Combined Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Program (HCORP)).  As cofounder of the podcast, he has cultivated a rich background in global health and entrepreneurship, driven by personal experiences and a passion for addressing disparities in healthcare.

Celebrating their 50th episode…


The pair recently release their 50th episode, interviewing Dr Myron Rolle. In the episode Dr Rolle, a former American football (NFL) player turned neurosurgeon, explored the finer nuances of positions of power within hierarchical structures, public health education models, neurosurgical access in the Caribbean, and racial disparities within medicine.

Listen now

You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.

Get an engaging introduction to Global Scalpels insights by listening to the podcast here:

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