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08 Nov 2022

The Stunning LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera Makes Debut Appearance at the Future of Surgery 2022

The Stunning LX2+ Surgical Headlight Camera Makes Debut Appearance at the Future of Surgery 2022
Uniplex (UK) Ltd will be showcasing their stunning surgical headlight camera, the LX2+, for the first time at Future of Surgery 2022 from their stand N01. The LX2+, manufactured by Sunoptic Surgical in the USA, is a bespoke made surgical headlight camera that can record high-definition images and videos in 1080p, 30fps which can be watched live by the operating team, live streamed to audiences over the internet or reviewed after the procedure for refining techniques or teaching the next generation of surgeons.

Sunoptic’s First Portable Camera
Sunoptic Surgical are renowned in the medical industry for providing the highest quality surgical light sources, headlights and cameras, with the LX2+ being the first portable camera in their portfolio. The battery-powered camera allows the healthcare professional complete portability around the operating theatre, along with having a long battery life to record full procedures in beautiful high definition. The camera is attached to the incredibly bright LX2 headlight which produces 1,190,000 lux, meaning you can record even the deepest, darkest procedures. As you may not wish to record every procedure, the camera can be detached and the LX2 used as a stand-alone headlight.

A View of the Surgery Through the Eyes of the Surgeon
The LX2+’s recording capability makes it ideal for a range of functions, such as for teaching the next generation of surgeons. Whether you want to discuss a procedure in a seminar, live stream to a lecture, or have students in the operating theatre during the procedure, the LX2+ gives students a view of the surgery through the eyes of the surgeon. The image and video capability in 1080p, high-definition means you get a crystal clear view to help identify the anatomy and processes during a procedure. The videos are recorded onto a 128GB SD card for easy transferability and can be upgraded to a larger storage capacity if required. The camera can be used for more than just teaching, the LX2+ can improve patient records, refine techniques and document revisions.

More Than Just a Camera
The LX2+ surgical headlight camera provides the surgeon with bright, brilliant white light, at a colour temperature of 4500°K for true tissue recognition which is essential for a range of surgical disciplines. The lightweight and comfortable headlight, with a long battery life, allows for use during longer procedures.

Uniplex at the Future of Surgery – Stand N01
Uniplex will be displaying the LX2+ along with their other Sunoptic surgical market leading products at the Future of Surgery 2022, including a ‘Wireless’ Headlight, Xenon Light Source and LED Light Source. The company will also be displaying their range of Oxidised Cellulose Haemostats and Gelatin Sponge Haemostats. If you would like to look at the LX2+ and see its stunning images, please visit the Uniplex stand N01. If you would like more information on the LX2+, you can contact Uniplex at, 0114 241 3410 or at

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