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26 Jan 2024

Future Surgery's 2023 programme at a glance – the key takeaways from a successful event

Future Surgery's 2023 programme at a glance – the key takeaways from a successful event

Future Surgery's 2023 two-day educational conference was a huge success and this is how it came together… 

This past November, Future Surgery 2023’s exhibition floor and conference theatres were packed to the rafters, with 2500+ attendees creating a buzzing atmosphere, as they eagerly learnt from our world-class speaker lineup and deep dived into our event programme. This programme included panels on recovery of elective services and surgical training, alongside live surgery demonstrating the latest techniques and technology, and discussions on the future workforce. 

Over two days, 2966 attendees from surgical and operating theatre teams came together to take part in over 100 educational talks, seminars and workshops provided by expert speakers from the across the surgical profession. 

Our cutting-edge programme was meticulously researched and shaped by an advisory board of experts, including the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Tailored to explore the ever-evolving world of surgery, the programme aimed to provide attendees with updated skills and knowledge essential for navigating the future of surgery and advancing within the profession. 

Excitement on-site centred around the showcasing of the pivotal role of tech innovation in shaping the future of surgery. From sessions exploring lessons derived from XR and robot-assisted surgery to AI research and AR for training, technology was certainly a key theme at the event.  

The Royal College of Surgeons of England’s Festival of Innovation was a focal point for discussions on sustainability, data application, and cutting-edge technologies. Sessions on XR and teleproctoring delved into the future of healthcare education, while topics like coding for surgeons and AI in endoscopics demonstrated the integration of technology across surgical specialties.  

This emphasis on tech-centric sessions not only reflected the current trends but also underscored the transformative potential of technology in enhancing surgical practices, training methodologies, and patient outcomes.  

However, while many sessions explored technological innovations, our data shows that the two most popular sessions at the show took a more holistic approach to the topic of the future of surgery, exploring the human factors impacting working practices.  

The most highly attended session was titled “Sexual misconduct in surgery”, with “Anti-bullying: Fostering an inclusive culture to support wellbeing” being a close second. This attendance record reflects perfectly how the Future Surgery programme provides a truly holistic and in-depth examination into the path towards the future of surgery. 

Highlighting the extensive array of themes and topics discussed at the show, take a look below at a few key themes from the show… 

Innovation In Surgery     
Delivering insight from those delivering the latest innovations in processes, tools and techniques, including how to navigate the interface between you, industry and policy to progress your idea into everyday usage. 

Perioperative Care 
Including the whole team, from referral to discharge, to improve outcomes and patient experience. 

Innovation and Technology Integration 
Many sessions emphasized the pivotal role of innovation and technology in shaping the future of surgery. Topics ranged from robotics and artificial intelligence to the applications of data in operating rooms and the utilization of XR in surgical training. As well as the agenda, the exhibition floor showcased new products, devices and disruptive technologies that are revolutionising patient experience and care. 

Working Better: Workforce Wellbeing and Training 
Discussing new ways of working, teamworking, and the future workforce as a whole was central to the event. The wellbeing and training of the surgical workforce were recurrent themes, with sessions focusing on strategies to improve mental health, address workforce challenges, and foster an inclusive culture, including discussions on the distribution of specialty training posts. 

Sustainability and Green Practices 
A notable emphasis on sustainability was present, evident in discussions about innovating for sustainability, the launch of the Green Surgery Report, and the broader conversation about mitigating the carbon footprint of surgical practice. 

Patient-Centric Care 
Patient outcomes and care processes were at the forefront, with sessions exploring improvements in patient safety, optimising elective theatre processes and patient flow, and overall patient experience.  

Global Surgical Innovation 
Discussions extended beyond the traditional surgical realm, considering the global impact of surgical practices. Topics like xenotransplantation, teleproctoring for enhanced training, and the potential lessons from space exploration added a broader perspective. 

It was fantastic to see the programme come together, and witness the vibrant atmosphere, full theatres and engaged attendees. The feedback that we have had so far has been extremely positive and will be a huge help in ensuring we put together another relevant, useful, and up to date programme for Future Surgery 2024.  

If you would be interested in supporting the creation of the programme, please click below/reach out to us here. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2024 at Future Surgery and building an even more exciting programme. 

For any suggestions to our programme please get in touch and click the button below. 

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