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P3 Medical Hall: N12 - N19 Stand: L60
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The impact of post-operative bleeding has led surgeons to look for haemostats that not only seal the bleeding whilst held in place but also adhere strongly to the bleeding site such that they don’t become dislodged as patients begin to recover from anaesthesia and move around after surgery.

‚ÄčTenaTac’s key innovation is that its adhesion is created by a purely physical surface modification that replaces costly, often blood-derived ingredients used in current haemostats. The surface of the sponge is divided into over 1000 columns which leads to an 10-fold increase in surface area and therefore greatly increasing the interaction between the TenaTac patch and the underlying tissue. The flexible colums conform to the variations in the tissue surface and act independently to resist shear forces that may dislodge a normal sponge in the peri-operative period. 

To summarise - the advantages are:

The laser-guided surface modification ensures TenaTac® adheres strongly to tissue.
This ready to use dry patch is very easy to apply and controls bleeding rapidly and seals off bleeding sites. 
The free from blood-derived proteins patch will greatly reduced risk of migration from site of application. TenaTac is a very cost effective and cost saving addition to your haemostat portfolio.

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