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Festival of Innovation - Why innovating for sustainability is no longer enough

14 Nov 2023
Theatre 1

Innovation is on the agenda of organisations, regardless of their industry, regardless whether they are privately or publicly held.  In recent years the increasingly undeniable challenges to humanity - averting climate catastrophe, addressing social injustice and its consequences, or coping with resource scarcity - have brought the quest of ‘innovating for sustainability’ onto the agenda. So why the title, ‘Innovating for sustainability is no longer enough'? Consider the following fact: Earth Overshoot Day, the day on which humanity has consumed all the resources that our planet can regenerate within a year’s time, this year fell on the 2nd August. From that date onwards we have started borrowing from the future, meaning that from that point onwards we have started to undermine the future of our children and children’s children. Even if 100% of resources were kept in circulation - a concept also known as the circular economy - we would start with fewer and fewer resources every year. In her presentation bettina will introduce and explore alternatives to the unsustainable paths we are currently on.

Marcus Stow, Innovation Advisor jHubMed - JHubMed, MOD
Edward St John, Chief Medical Officer, Concentric Health - Consultant Oncoplastic breast surgeon, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
Bettina Von Stamm, Innovation Philosopher - Innovation Leadership Forum

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