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Conference Programme 2023

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  1. Theatre 3
    A medico- legal perspective on robotics in surgery
    Flora McCabe of Lockon Companies will discuss the legal implications of an increased focus on roboti ...
  2. Theatre 3
    The NatSIPPs 2 (National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures) published in Jan 23. Dr Annie Hun ...
  3. Theatre 3
    Several studies have shown the risk from ionising radiation for clinicians. Chou et al (2015) demonstrated that incidences of breast cancer are higher amongst Orthopaedic surgeons when compared to their Urology or plastic surgery colleagues, suggesting that the use of ionising radiation in a clinical setting is a factor. An earlier paper (Chou L.B. et al 2012) found that female surgeons who work with ionising radiation are 2.9% more likely to develop breast cancer than the general population. The lead gowns currently provided to clinicians as PPE when using ionising radiation do not protect the upper-outer quadrant of the breast, as shown by Valone et al (2016). This is also the site which Lee A.H. (2005) demonstrated where breast cancer most commonly occurs.
  4. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  5. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  6. Theatre 2
    This is a panel discussion about inclusivity in the workplace and its impact on wellbeing
  7. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse and spatial computing) will have an ...
  8. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  9. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  10. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Learn to code with Code Med
  11. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  12. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  13. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Submitted by copresenter
  14. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    ASiT x PLASTA Innovation Hackathon prize winners presentations
  15. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  16. Theatre 1
    Kevin will discuss the impact of adverse events on surgeons and efforts to ameliorate that impact.
  17. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  18. Theatre 3
    A journey through SCP career pathway and progression ·       Creating a career pathway ·       Intro ...
  19. Theatre 3
  20. Theatre 2
  21. Theatre 3
  22. Theatre 1
  23. Theatre 2
  24. Theatre 1
  25. Theatre 2
  26. Theatre 3
  27. Theatre 3
  28. Theatre 1
  29. Theatre 1
  30. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Learn to code with Code Med
  31. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  32. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    This session will discuss the current innovation in Orthopaedic clinical pathways and what is being ...
  33. Theatre 3
  34. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  35. Theatre 3
    Mark Henley will describe the development of CBS and what it has to offer Surgery now and in the fut ...
  36. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    In this session I will discuss a very different mindset and approach to innovation away from the NHS ...
  37. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Review of the current opportunities to improve robotic surgical training with data available and vie ...
  38. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  39. Theatre 2
    The session will cover the progress of virtual wards across the NHS in England over the past three years, providing a range of examples and consider what this might mean for healthcare and the hospital of the future
  40. Theatre 2
  41. Theatre 1
    Have you ever wondered why it’s often so difficult to make new ideas work? Innovation efforts often fail because the right skills, knowledge, culture or processes aren’t harnessed to create the intended impact. As a senior L&D professional for over two decades, Daniel Wain has long been helping organisations to drive successful innovation, through the talent and diversity of their people. He believes that everyone has a role to play in innovation, not just lone geniuses, inspired thinkers or ‘creatives’. Successful new ideas depend far less on individual lightbulb moments than clarity of purpose, a step-by-step process and, above all, collaboration and teamwork. Since 2020, Daniel has been a fully qualified Six ‘I’s® Certified Practitioner. The 6 ‘I’s® is an innovation model that recognises that there are six distinct roles and stages, all of which are equally important to successful innovation and all of which need to be present if the team is to create sustainable value.
  42. Theatre 2
  43. Theatre 1
    Discuss the processes by which meaningful innovations are achieved in motorsport design and any pote ...
  44. Theatre 1
    In this keynote I will introduce the front-edge robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) research m ...
  45. Theatre 2
  46. Theatre 1
    See Synopsis
  47. Theatre 2
    The talk will briefly look at historic innovation to show how space research and space infrastructure is where it is today including a brief look at the James Webb Telescope. The talk will then move to new and emerging innovation covering miniaturised satellites, smart spacecraft propulsion, space mining for rare metals, and deep space exploration. The talk concludes by reviewing the innovations that have led to breakthroughs in human health on Earth.
  48. Theatre 1
    Having studied Automotive Design, Oscar was recruited to Williams F1 Advanced Engineering, a spin-of ...
  49. Theatre 1
    See Synopsis
  50. Theatre 5: The Surgical Simulation Theatre
    1. Guy's Medtronic HUGO Experience to date 2. Differences in HUGO versus Da Vinci 3. Surgical case summary
  51. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    MediShout founder Ash Kalraiya shares his story on transforming an idea as an Orthopaedic Surgeon, i ...
  52. Theatre 3
    From Paper to Pixel: Shaping tomorrow's outpatient programme with digital PROMs.
    Sharing insights from digitising PIFU and PROMs across a large teaching hospital.
  53. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  54. Theatre 3
  55. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  56. Theatre 1
  57. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    As a surgeon, when you look around your hospital there is no shortage of problems. So why is addressing one of those problems with a start-up venture so bloody difficult?! Grant Nolan, a surgeon and founder of MedTech start-up MyOpNotes explores how he got his idea off the ground.
  58. Theatre 3
    I will talk about the aspirations of a surgical workforce and its trainees which is equitable, diver ...
  59. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    We will be going thorugh 10 years on innovation from the viewpoint of our MSE endoscope-i Ltd
  60. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Fareed well present his journey through entrepreneurship during his tenure as a surgical trainee in ...
  61. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Surgical research has previously been derided for low quality and lack of impact. In the last twenty ...
  62. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  63. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    In this session I will:Discuss factors driving change in surgical educationExplain the concept of th ...
  64. Theatre 3
  65. Theatre 2
    The Green Surgery Report is the first comprehensive synthesis of evidence regarding how surgery impa ...
  66. Theatre 1
    Identifies current issues facing all members of the surgical team and proposes solutions to enhance surgical practice and patient care
  67. Theatre 5: The Surgical Simulation Theatre
  68. Theatre 5: The Surgical Simulation Theatre
  69. Theatre 3
    Making Surgery Safer through AI-powered Surgical Supply Chain
    Making Surgery Safer through AI-powered Surgical Supply Chain -          Complexities in the current ...
  70. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  71. Theatre 1
    Meeting emerging waiting list challenges with a new workforce model
    Exploring the latest challenges to increasing elective care activity, with a key focus on how the NHS can sustainably plug gaps in existing services and provide faster care for growing numbers of patients with multimorbidities.
  72. Theatre 2
  73. Theatre 1
  74. Theatre 3
    The ODP profession has undergone a number of developments over recent years and these have proved to ...
  75. Theatre 1
    Optimising Elective Theatre Processes and Patient Flow
    Undertaking high volume, low complexity elective lists to maximise theatre utilisation whilst increa ...
  76. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  77. Theatre 2
  78. Theatre 3
  79. Theatre 5: The Surgical Simulation Theatre
    Robotic colorectal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a robotic system to assist the surgeon. It offers several benefits over traditional open surgery, including less blood loss, pain, and hospital stay, and faster recovery times. The surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen and inserts the robotic instruments and camera. They then sit at a console to view a 3D image of the surgical site and control the robotic arms to perform the surgery.
  80. Theatre 5: The Surgical Simulation Theatre
    Training to perform colorectal robotic surgery is a rigorous process that involves a combination of didactic instruction and hands-on experience. Surgeons must learn about the robotic system and the specific techniques involved in colorectal robotic surgery before they can perform the procedure under supervision. In the future, it is likely that operating using robotic platforms will become the new normal, with increasing adoption of other technological advancements such as incorporation of AI.
  81. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    Over two decades of innovation and experience training surgeons in robotic-assisted surgery
  82. Theatre 2
  83. Theatre 2
  84. Theatre 3
  85. Theatre 3
    The Western General Hospital Edinburgh got a Da Vinci Si in July 2016, this was part of the National Planning for Robotic Surgery in Scotland, who decided there should be 3 centres' in Scotland, which would provide high volume centres of excellence, We will discuss the process of setting up a implementation group and who was involved, the time lines involved and the planning and training process. We will give an over view of what went well and how we overcame some of the challenges and what worked well.
  86. Theatre 1
    Update on the recently published paper and report by
  87. Theatre 2
    Surgical fires are categorised as either airway or non-airway and occur most commonly on the head, f ...
  88. Theatre 3
  89. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  90. Theatre 1
    as above
  91. Theatre 1
    The collision of Healthcare and Technology
    As technology and healthcare continue to move at breakneck speed, we all stand to benefit. But in ta ...
  92. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    The Feasibility of a Video E-logbook - panel discussion
  93. Theatre 1
  94. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
  95. Theatre 1
  96. Theatre 1
    The session will look at how we are planning to utilise simulated placement time to reduce the press ...
  97. Theatre 4: ASiT Innovation Theatre
    This talk explores the transformative role of data in modern healthcare, specifically focusing on its positive effects in the operating room (OR). The presentation showcases how data integration optimizes surgical processes, enhances patient safety, and refines outcomes. It will look at what we can learn from data, and how we can grasp data’s role in forging collaborative medical-technical approaches, fostering improved surgical outcomes and OR efficiency.
  98. Theatre 3
    This session will take the audience on a journey from post registration experience, pre MSc Surgical Care Practice programme application to a day 1 qualified SCP and beyond.
  99. Theatre 2
  100. Theatre 3
    Describing the work done to date on upskilling all members of the extended surgical team to improve ...
  101. Theatre 2
  102. Theatre 2
    Recent studies have demontstrated the impact of rudeness within teams, none more so, than in surgery. This presentation will give you some background into why we behave in a certain manner and why it so important that we change our behaviour to protect both the patient and staff mental health.
  103. Theatre 2
  104. Theatre 2
    XR and Future Healthcare
    XR (Extended Reality) promises to revolutionise global healthcare - from medical school to the opera ...

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